Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kids and Capes=Serious Fun.

kids and capes=serious fun!  
 This is a cape made for a queen, a wicked queen that is!  I took extra upholstery fabric, leftover from floor pillows, folded it and cut out slits for arm holes.  I then embellished it with LOTS of May Arts ribbon.  I created a ruff using gray/silver ribbon.  added polkadot to tie around the neck.  and all along the edge used embroidery ribbon.  I then tied the pink on top of the bun for a queenly crown, and added a ribbon bracelet for that extra touch.

 Boys and capes are a great combo. Knight, wizard, Prince, vampire...the list can go on.  for this cape I simply used the gold chain from may arts and sewed it along the edges.  I then sewed the cape onto the actual shirt.  easy peasy and hours of play time!
kids and capes=serious fun!

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